Azealia Banks responded to Karmin's remix of Drake's song "Started from the Bottom".

Amy mentioned her in the remix.She (Amy) said "Stop all the comparing me, no Nicki Minajery/ Let me out the cage so I can fizz ’cause all of feminity is looking for a rapper queen/ Banking on Azealia and Iggy/ Pretty damn amazing what you do to be a star."

Azealia Banks later tweeted:

Who is Karmin, and why has she written about me in a song?

Is Azealia trying to get in another Twitter beef?Azealia beefed with Kreayshawn,Iggy Azalea,T.I.,Lil Kim,Nicki Minaj,Jim Jones,Perez Hilton,Angel Haze,Baauer and now...Karmin?
Karmin - Started from the Bottom (Drake)03:08

Karmin - Started from the Bottom (Drake)


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